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Wiser Sourcing Group encompasses Wiser Hygiene, Wiser Utilities and Wiser Sanitiser. The group was set up to challenge the way the energy, washroom hygiene and business cost-savings industry currently works. Our aim is to offer true value, in an open and ethical manner. We are confident that we can save your business time and money, being fully focused on minimising customer effort and working on your behalf to get the best value on the market.

Working across all industries, we are trusted partners and specialists in procuring and provisioning a host of utilities, washroom hygiene and other core commercial services for businesses across the UK

We offer a variety of cost saving services

We understand that you need to focus on your business in order to make it a success. Our team of industry experts will monitor markets, allowing them to effectively manage your account and offer other value add services. Our mission is a simple one; to save you time, money and effort in these areas.

Covid-19 Protection & Hand Sanitiser

As part of our existing washroom & hygiene services we are also manufacturing pharma-grade alcohol hand sanitiser and lactic based surface disinfectants. Wiser Hygiene are helping you to care for those who frequent your premises by providing you with high quality, affordable and reliable sanitiser and PPE solutions.

Washroom & Hygiene

We are currently working with a range of national suppliers of sanitiser units, antibacterial gel, face masks and other items of PPE to ensure that we can offer you a cost-driven, high-quality washroom service proposition, which provides you with the right solution for your business.


Our energy pricing service is geared to saving you time and money. We do this in a transparent and open manner and for any business using under 200,000 kWh, we can usually get back to you within 24-hours.


We work closely with national water suppliers to source the best deal for you and your business, and help drive further savings through the use of data analytics and best practices. It is a very straight forward process and most of our customers will save something on their annual bills.


We are able to use our extended relationships with many UK based insurance companies to bring you a range of off-the-shelf or bespoke policies, all at the most competitive rates. If your requirement is bespoke, this is where these companies truly come into their own.


We partner with a host of industry experts and providers, to ensure that you get the right product, in a fair and transparent manner for all of your Telecoms and Broadband needs.

Disrupting the industry with open and transparent pricing and services

We truly believe that we can turn the reputation of the industry upside down and deliver great prices and service, in a open and transparent manner. Our Directors are both highly experienced professionals with over 40 years spent working with some of the UK's largest corporates, all of the time operating in a fair and regulated fashion. All of our staff and business partners must share our ethics and we bring this approach into all areas of cost savings.

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We are constantly on the look out for people who want to partner with us, whether that is from a perspective of existing and new propositions, to day to day referrals. As you might expect, we are fully transparent in everything we do.

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