A Trusted Partner delivering reliable and professional Washroom Hygiene Products & Services

Wiser Hygiene were established with a single vision. "To be your Trusted Partner and Single Point of Contact for all your Washroom Hygiene & Waste Disposal needs".

Providing a professional and relible service across all industries. Trusted partners and specialists in delivering Washroom Hygiene and Waste Disposal Services.

We offer a variety of Washroom Hygiene and Waste Disposal Services

Wiser Hygiene deliver end to end Washroom Hygiene Services and Products to customers across all industries throughout the UK, offering shorter contract terms with more flexible T&C's that better meet customers needs. Wiser Hygiene Ltd. are ethical disrupters offering a completely open, honest and transparent service.

Flexible contract Terms with Customer Friendly T&Cs

We are currently working with a range of national suppliers of sanitiser units, antibacterial gel, face masks and other items of PPE to ensure that we can offer you a cost-driven, high-quality washroom service proposition, which provides you with the right solution for your business.

Sanitary Care Solutions

Our sanitary Waste Solutions are reliable, hygenic, quiet and discreet Available in 20litre and 15 litre Mini. *Space Save Options available. Sanitary Bins are serviced every 4 weeks as per standard rental agreement. Service includes on-site unit sanitisation and scented liner replacement. Waste is discreetly removed and safely disposed of as per "offensive waste" regulations To ensure legal compliance this Service includes a free Duty of Care doc. ** Nappy & Incontinence Waste Solutions also available **

Odour & Infection Control Solutions

We are the Northeast distribution partner for AirSteril air sanitisation solutions. Eliminate odours and improve washroom hygiene. Reduces harmful viruses Circulates fresh clean air Breaks down unwanted bacteria Attacks odours at their source Removes unhealthy microbes from the air Makes your washroom smell freshly cleaned Maintains sanitized surfaces Stops mould and fungi growth Clears smelly compounds in the air 24/7

Dispensers - Soaps, Washes and Sanitiser.

We offer a wide range of Auto and Manual Hand/Body Wash and Sanitiser Dispensers as well as Paper Consumable Dispensers for rolls, wipes, hand towels etc. Avaialble in white, Black & Chrome, Stainless. Dispensers are serviced every 4 weeks as per standard rental agreement

Water Management Solutions & Urinal Treatments

We offer a host of Water Waste reduction solutions that don't compromise your hygiene. Urinal flush control – can reduce water usage in your urinals by up to 70%. Toilet flush control – Fully adjustable to suit your cistern, saving you up to 3 litres per flush. Push 2 Flow taps – Push 2 Flow can reduce waste water by up to 80%. Urinal sleeves – This Bio degradable fragranced sleeve can reduce blockages ny over 90% Cistern sanitisers – Cistern Dosers protect against limescale build-up, E. coli, E. Faecalis and other causes of malodour.

Hand Dryers

We pride ourselves in offering customers a host of air-care solutions to meet both their budget and washroom needs. Our "Top Selling" models range from the popular hands under, push to start, warm air dryers to the lastest sensor driven, Hands In Dyson Air Blades. Each dryer in our product range is stylish, affordable, hygenic and meets a customers budget and/or need. Varying in their styles and functionality we have a range of dryers in black, white, chrome, brushed aluminium or stainless steel. Dryers are Initially available on a rental agreement.

Clinical & Healthcare Waste Disposal Services

We take the complexity out of Waste Management! As a Trusted Partner we provide End to End Waste Management Solutions that deliver a Professional, Reliable Affordable and most importantly a COMPLIANT Service. So, when it comes to the disposal of hygiene waste, sharps, medication, offensive waste or more, we can provide all that you need to safely and securely dispose of waste produced by your business From regular business waste collections or One-Off Skips, our comprehensive services provide everything you need from provisioning nternal and external bins, through to the swift and safe disposal, including Free Duty of Care. We place the utmost attention to ensuring all legal obligations are met with regards to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and The Health & Safety and Duty of Care regulations. Our Waste Management contracts are tailored to your needs, giving you the friendly and flexible service many businesses are looking for. We offer a competitive service with shorter terms, friendly T&C's flexible collection schedules and the freedom to change. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today.

Air Care Solutions

Delivering an honest, professional and reliable customer centric washroom hygiene erviservice

We truly believe that we will become the most trusted washroom hygiene service provider in the region. How? By listening to customers we understand businesses want a reliable and professional service through flexibility from shorter term contracts and more "customer friendly" T&C's.

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